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“9th Annual Avenue Dental Thanksgiving Food Basket Program and Patient Gift Basket Drawing”

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can you buy Lyrica at walmart Help your neighbors and receive up to $50.00 OFF, of Restorative Dental Treatment and Enter in our office Thanksgiving drawing to win the Patient appreciation gift Basket Value $150.00


Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive

“9th Annual Avenue Dental Thanksgiving Food Basket Program”

We count on you to help us again make 2017 Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive the best one ever.

Following the amazing success of the Avenue Dental Thanksgiving Food Basket Program and with the holidays quickly approaching, Avenue Dental wishes to once again extend a special offer this season to the growing needs of those in our Forsyth County community.  We realize this is a busy season in both a good and bad way.  It is good because of volunteers and donors that wish to give their time and their gifts.  It is bad because many families who are barely getting by with the month-to-month expenses have no resources for the extras the holidays require such as Thanksgiving meals.

“The Place” is a nonprofit organization that has been serving Forsyth County families in difficult times since 1975 with emergency basic needs.

Avenue Dental is “collecting food donations with a twist”!

Receive $50.00 off toward your Restorative dental treatment and you could win our office Thanksgiving patient gift Basket it has an amzing cooking suprises approximate Value $150.00.

Here’s how it works:

  • bring Ten (10) or more cans/items to donate for the cause, you will receive $50 off your Restorative dental treatment*.
  • bring at least Twenty (20) or more cans/items to donate for the cause, you will  receive a $50 Off your restorative dental treatment plan + you will be entered in a drawing to win our Thanksgiving patient gift Basket value $150.00.**


Thanksgiving Patient Gift Basket include the following items:

Instant Cooking Pot (Dual slow and pressure cooker) for info click here
Instant pot Mitts
Two cookbooks
Springform pan
Publix shopping gift card $25
We have developed a way to help those less fortunate as well as helping our patients by rendering their dental treatment.

This is the time of year to say “thanks” and to be thankful for all that we have, and all that we have to offer our neighbors.  Please join us in our 9th annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Program and help feed families at Thanksgiving by donating non perishable items that are needed, some examples are:

  • Shelf Milk
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Mixed Vegetables (Excluding green beans or corn)
  • Sweet Peas
  • Hearty Soups (Not Cream Soups; i.e. Cream of Chicken abundance of these types of soup-thank you)!
  • Condiments
  • Spices 



Please, all items need to be delivered to Avenue Dental by end of working day of Friday , November 10, 2017 in order to reach the collecting place at the appropriate time. 

 Also, please be mindful & observe the expiration dates on all of the contributing products, in order to be eligible for the special, the expiration date must be valid no less than May 2018.         

       For more information about “The Place of Forsyth County” you may visit the web site at:


*This special program and offer cannot combined with any other special or discount at Avenue Dental. Limited to $50.00 off per patient and family account for 2017 calendar year.

** This special program and offer cannot combined with any other special or discount at Avenue Dental, in order to be eligible for the drawing you need to have your restorative treatment started by November 1 and have all professional dental hygiene appointment scheduled for future maintenance care. The drawing result will be announced via our office Facebook page on November 20 2017 at:


Dr. Budeir